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straight on till morning

Help will always be given to those who ask for it. Never give up, be strong, have faith in yourself. I love you :)

need someone to listen? go here justbreathe-justlisten.tumblr.com

Where are you thees days? asked by Anonymous

New blog :) If you want to come off anon I can send you the url.

Love you asked by Anonymous


No like you are super fabulous! asked by Anonymous

I love you asked by Anonymous

Hi asked by Anonymous


(answering my messages after forever, sorry about this)


Press PLAY.








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inspired by this lovely poem by Mary Elizabeth Fry. x

This was stuck in my head all yesterday, and now here it is on my dash, and ohgod my feelings

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Kelly Clarkson - Cry (Feat. Lea Michele)

sweet mother of gOD

Holy YES

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